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Costs of the Claim against Grant King, NZ Sleepouts, & Swale Earthmovers (as at 27/12/11).

This is a summary of the costs of the Claim to date that I will be filing in the District Court in the New Year, against Grant King, NZ Sleepouts.

Initial deposit on Sleepout Build: $20,000

1 x Planter Box (dismantled to make way for Sleepout, and left in pieces): $900.00

1 x Marquee (to cover building site): $ 200.00

3 x trips to 103 B Mill Rd, Helensville: $60.00

1 x Labour Payment (to complete build of Sleepout, money for which was used by Grant King to build the Sleepout of another client): $3500.00

Bank interest payments on loan (borrowed to purchase Sleepout): $22.00 per week

Rental accommodation: (My father having to now rent a unit as a direct result of Grant King breaching Contract, resulting in the Sleepout not being available for my Dad to now live in.): $200 per week.

Damages: Unconfirmed (need a Court Judgement to determine this amount).

Award as to Costs: Unconfirmed (need a Court Judgement to determine this amount).

Road signs: These little numbers will be dotted along the main road going into and out of Helensville, and placed randomly around the Rodney District – still getting quotes (apparently, they are a lot cheaper if you buy in bulk).

Website and administrative costs: Unconfirmed (will tally this amount at the end of the campaign, a campaign that will be unending until I am reimbursed in full for the above, and / or the ongoing amount of total costs).

The longer that Grant King and NZ Sleepouts, refuse to pay me what I am legally and legitimately owed – the more expensive for them that this campaign is going to get, not only in costs, but in lost business as a result of the negative publicity this campaign is already beginning to generate.

Trade Me now aware of fraud investigation into Grant King & NZ Sleepouts by Kiwibank.

Trade Me have confirmed this evening that they are now aware of the actions of Grant King & NZ Sleepouts, and of the fraud investigation into Grant King & NZ Sleepouts being conducted by Kiwibank.

In addition, I have had confirmation of building supply companies in the Helensville area who are now aware of what Grant King & NZ Sleepouts have been up to – the hits on this site are only going one way – up.

Add the Auckland Council Compliance Office to the mix, and factor in the gradual release of this website to the media (not to mention the “walk in the park” legal claim that this case is going to be for me), and I can confidently predict that Grant King & NZ Sleepouts have a remaining business shelf-life of just a few weeks.

I am betting that the $23,500 that Grant King & NZ Sleepouts illegitimately took from me is looking pretty cheap to have paid back to me now.

Kiwibank calls in fraud investigation team to investigate Grant King & NZ Sleepouts.

A wee tip,  if you are considering ripping someone off they way that Grant King and NZ Sleepouts have ripped me off: don’t bank at the same bank the client does, especially if the client has a sound and credible reputation as a Business Banking client.

According to my Business Banking Manager, when a fraud team investigate a situation such as this, they also alert all other banks of the investigation.

In the immortal words of the “Third Man”: ‘That’s stuffed him, Tony!”

Auckland Council Compliance Officer gets it in one (a.k.a “The Story of the 40 Sleepouts”).

Great quote from an Auckland Council Compliance Officer this morning, who has now been advised of this situation:

“Those in the (building) business have a particular responsibility to acquaint themselves with the various rules governing building and it is unfortunate that there are still some cowboys out there with a gung-ho approach to their work”.

I am now left wondering as to whether Grant King owns a 10 galleon hat.

Grant King recently disclosed to me that he has built around 40 Sleepouts, many in West Auckland “all without building permits”. I guess he’ll be getting a call from the Auckland Council then – of course, this begs the question – what is going to happen when 40 or so former clients of NZ Sleepouts wake this morning to discover that the building they paid Grant King & NZ Sleepouts to build – is actually illegal, and will most likely need to come down?

Maybe they would like to give Grant King a call – those contact details again? Mr Grant King, of 46 K Garfield Rd, Helensville (Mobile #: 022 018 9290). Factory site is located at 103B Mill Rd, Helensville.

How many ways were NZ Sleepouts & Grant King in Breach of Contract, and how many legal claims may now be taken against NZ Sleepouts & Grant King? This many.

·         Tort of Negligence.

·         Breach of Duty of Care.

·         Personal Liability for Claim of Damages.

·         Breach of Contract.

·         Breach of the Fair Trading Act 1986.

·         Breach of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

·         Court-imposed Injunction.

·         Consequential Loss.

·         Right to repair.

·         Misrepresentation.

·         Deposit Refund due to Breach of Contract.

·         Court-imposed Caveat over other buildings and assets owned by NZ Sleepouts.

·         Contract Frustration.

·         Breach of Implied Statutory Warranties under the Building Act.

·         Breach of Implied Statutory Warranties under the Building Code.

·         Breach of Implied Statutory Warranties under the Resource Management Act.

My Lawyer is going to have the proverbial “field day” with this case.