GNK having a “cyber-tanty” on Facebook :)

Bring some popcorn – this is vintage King, complete with his multiple fake online profiles 🙂

Update 23/2/12: GNK has seemingly completely lost the plot, and is now actively encouraging people to harm my family and I, and has posted our residential address and my business address on the Facebook page in order to assist people to do so.

The Facebook page is now being referred to and monitored by the Police. Desperate stuff indeed from a dying shark.

Update 23/2/12: Have just cleared the “sewer rats” from the Facebook page – all good to go again.

2 thoughts on “GNK having a “cyber-tanty” on Facebook :)

  1. Mark Robson

    Grant King is making comments again on the YBW Rocna forum. He must be feeling safe but I don’t know why.

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Mark: thanks for the update. I note that he doesn’t seem to be able to summon his nuts to make any comment in this forum. GNK is simply a condemned man who isn’t aware as yet of his condemnation. The house of cards is already falling around him – yet he still insists on playing one more hand. GNK is sad, pathetic, desperate, and, as he has done right throughout his life, GNK will ultimately lose both the battle and the war. His father (a former veteran) would be twisiting in his grave in shame.


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