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Key website emails forwarded to the Police this evening, and publishing of “Crime-Stoppers” link.

I have had a long and fruitful discussion with the Police this evening, in the context of the receipt of some key emails to this site from anonymous sources.

The Police have awesome forensic I.T. resources that, if they choose to use them, can quickly verify the source of such emails, and allow the Police to confirm or otherwise the veracity of the email content – I have now forwarded the Police copies of these anonymous emails for them to investigate as they may see fit to do so.

In order to further assist the Police in following up the multiple tip-offs that have been received by this website, the Police have asked me to post the following link for website readers to contact, if they have any information about any criminal activity that they may feel would be useful to anonymously report to the Police: and the “Crime-Stoppers” anonymous tip-off phone number is 0800 555-111. I have also posted this link to the “Blog Roll” at the bottom of the page.

I tried the Crime-Stoppers service out myself, and attempted to deliberately give my name and contact details – the Crime-Stoppers people refused to record any information about who I was. Don’t be startled by the English accents when you ring in – the service is run from the UK!

 Oh, and GNK has been bleating like a wounded lamb to the Police about this website – they basically told him to put up (hire a lawyer, and sue me under civil jurisdiction), or shut up.

The debate is on – some say yes, some say no – what do you say?

This post is creating some heated debate in my email inbox: some are saying that every word of this report is true, others are saying the opposite. What is interesting about this debate is that whoever wins it, claims a position of being a credible source of information, whilst the other utter guts such a premise for themselves entirely. We all know that GNK has a habit of creating false online identities to argue a position or issue (think Waikaraka Park; Yachting & Boating World, Cruiser Forums, Trade Me, etc)?

Consider too that I have a number of formal sources who have unbelievable access to various areas of information.

So, what say you?


Oh, the irony…………..

I have just received two very angry phone calls from Karina Mihaka and Michael Edmonds, both incensed that their association with Grant King has placed them front and centre for some serious scrutiny. Leaving aside the fact for a moment that the nature of their reaction speaks volumes, Mihaka and Edmonds inform me that they are off to the Police tomorrow to report me, to which my considered reply to them both was “Perfect”. I have also offered both parties the right of reply on this website to any allegations that may have been made against them, but in their incandescent fury, neither appeared to register this offer.

It may do Karina and Michael some good to read the following reply I penned to a reader who was enquiring (in part) about how big the net is getting regarding the amount of people who potentially may be “caught” in the GNK “net”.

My reply to the reader was as follows:

Thank you  for your thoughtful and considered feedback.

My target has and will always be Grant Norman King t/a NZ Sleepouts.

If King had simply done the right thing by the law and by us, and paid us back our money that he fraudulently procured via dishonest and deceitful means, then all would have been well (with us at least) in his life. 

The mistake King  made was to assume that I would roll over, and that I would follow a process based on this assumption – basically, he both called what he thought was my bluff, which I am now sure in hindsight he will be aware was a very, very stupid thing to do.

In calling what the thought was my bluff, he has not not only exposed himself to the highest level and depth of public, media, and statutory scrutiny ( as I warned him would happen if the did not see us right on the multiple contract breaches he committed against us); he have also unwittingly placed anyone that remotely associates with him (sadly, including some members of King’s family) to the same level and depth of public, media, and statutory scrutiny, and re-enraged a large number of people who were King’s previous victims, who are now collectively fighting back – and are winning.

The smartest thing now that any of Grant Kings “associates” could do is to actually dis-associate themselves from King immediately, because the very serious formal sanctions that King has coming to him, such “associates” should not, and will not want any part of.

My target is King  – no-one else: but if other people are going to insist on making the same mistake with me that King  did – then I guess that decision is for them to make?

The person at the greatest risk right now with regard to the content of this website is Grant Norman King  – let’s all keep it that way, shall we?

Notification made to Child, Youth, and Family today.

I have been reflecting on the recent report I received about a reported vigilante bashing of GNK, and the fact that his young daughter may have been hurt as well.

It occurs to me that a young teenager in the company of such a high-risk individual as GNK, especially given the above information, is at dire risk herself, so to this end, I have filed a formal notification with CYF to investigate the care and protection issues relating to GNK’s daughter.

The Intake Social Worker who took my notification is Rosemarie Stevens at CYF Westgate, and she may be contacted by email at [email protected] or (0508) 326-459 if anyone else has any information that may assist to protect GNK’s young daughter – because frankly, he is doing a bloody lousy job of it.