Three tips for the sad, deluded, and duped minority of people who still believe that GNK is a “nice guy”.

On occasion (and my goodness, these occasions are indeed rare), I receive an email or a post comment from a GNK sycophant who waxes lyrical about how wonderful GNK is, and how mean and nasty they believe that I am being towards GNK in this campaign.

Gob-smackingly, I was even asked recently how I thought I was going to “get away with” exposing GNK, shutting down his business interests, and bringing him to both media and statutory attention.

In the fevered mind of the poster, GNK had done nothing wrong, and I was the most awful person walking the planet.

When I receive posts such as this, I am reminded of “Stockholm syndrome” whereby those affiliated with a criminal conclude that the absence of abuse against them by the criminal is an act of kindness towards them by the criminal.

So, in the interests of promoting better mental health for the GNK “flat earthers”, and in the pursuit of credible scientific rigour, I would invite those so absolutely convinced that GNK is a “nice guy” to test their hypothesis about GNK by completing three tasks, and then reporting back to this website on the outcome of each task at the end:

1/ Ask GNK to baby-sit your 9 – 14 year old daughter over a weekend away, solo.

2/ Contract GNK to complete a job for you, and give him all of the money up front beforehand.

3/ Employ GNK in your business or place of employment, and give him cash-handling authority.

Let me know how you get on, will you – because all the evidence up to this point (and we are now 30 years in), shows that it isn’t going to go well.


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