GNK steals a $5000.00 Sleepout deposit from a 91-year-old pensioner.

It seems that age or frailty is no barrier to GNK conducting a fraudulent act.

This time, GNK ripped off (another) Sleepout deposit from a 91-year old pensioner in 2010.

The usual story then ensued: the victim’s family made several phone calls to GNK, who delivered false reassurance after false reassurance, and then (again) disappeared with the cash.

GNK claims in the above Herald on Sunday article that he is going to work to resolve past customers issues – if this is true (and it isn’t), GNK can start making amends with the above customer, whose family now legitimately describe GNK as quote “an evil liar”.

Sufficiently motivated, I suspect even GNK’s own mother is not safe from him – just as well his family have thrown a big protective net over themselves that prevents GNK getting anywhere near them, or their money.



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