Grant King pulls a “con” on the Leaf Trust, and the Department of Corrections, whilst completing his Community Service hours.

Basically, right under the very nose of the Department of Corrections,  Grant was posing as a member / helper of the Leaf Trust on the Helensville Community Facebook page, has been collecting items ostensibly for the Trust, and then selling them / keeping them, and / or pocketing the cash.

Note on the flyer he sent out that there are no contact details for the Trust itself – just an instruction to message Grant King in the first instance.

King stole a copy of the brochure from the Leaf Trust whilst on site completing his Community Service hours,  “twinked” the contact details of the Manager off the brochure, inserted his own Facebook private message contact request, and then posted the amended brochure onto the Helensville Community Facebook page, pretending to have authorisation to collect goods and equipment for the Leaf Trust, when he in fact had no such authorisation to do so, thereby implicating 733 Helensville locals (members of the Facebook page) in a grand fraud.

Thankfully, with the help of the GNKASS Network, we were able to find out about the con, and mitigate the effect, whilst the affected parties concerned are now making formal Police complaints – King has now been formally tresspassed from the Leaf Trust.

This is a classic Grant King con – and he pulled it on the Ministry of Justice.

I have cc’d the Department of Corrections, the media, and Minister Judith Collins, into this post.

Maybe Helensville Community Facebook page Moderator Racheal Cunnliffe will now finally wake up to the menace that Grant King is to the local community?

The Leaf Trust is located at 496 South Heads Rd, Parakai, and the contact person for follow-up on this story is Peter Grace [email protected] or phone (027) 5725884.

The landlord of the property is Maree Hemana who may be contacted at West Auckland Victim Support via the Victim Support National Office on (04) 474 8862.

The Department of Corrections contacts are David Grear and Carole Ramage at (09) 837-8700 [email protected] or [email protected]

Chalk up another victory for the GNKASS Network.

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