Is Grant King, a convicted child sex offender, pretending to be an official collector of goods for a private trust in Parakai?

Contact me on (021) 259-2506 or email [email protected] if you have any information on this possibility?

Update: Apparently so – see the following flyer, which Grant King recently distributed to a local Helensville Community Facebook page:

Leaf Trust Flyer

Here is the Facebook post, made by Grant King on November 24th, 3.27pm at!/groups/helensville/?fref=ts

Looking for donations of items for the Life Earth Art Fellowship Trust for their care facility just outside Parakai. The Trust has established vege gardens and care for unfortunate individuals who are suffering through no fault of their own. Any donations of items listed on the flyer will be gratefully accepted, we can collect from you or arrange for a drop off to one of the many helpers or to the Center Facility by arrangement. PM me with any help please.

Next stop – Helensville Police Station.

Update: And true to form, Grant King tries to divert attention away from himself, and away from the issue at hand.

If the person nominated in the following post is running the Leaf Trust, why was his name and phone number NOT on the original flyer sent out to the Helensville Community Facebook page? Because Grant King twinked out the Managers contact details and replaced these with his own private message request.

Kreesha Munro i just had an email from grant (i have recently bought a chook house off him) and he has asked me to post some info.  please dont remove me from this page, i will only be doing this once and will not be dealing with him.
  • Kreesha Munro this is from grant….. not me, kreesha……….. seems I have just been removed from the Helensville group because of the lies published by Steve Taylor again. can you let everyone know that the LEAF trust is run by Peter Grace, his mobile is 0275 725884 and his email is [email protected] and also that the collection of items and donations is in fact controlled and approved and supervised by the Corrections Department Western Office in Henderson who supply labour to the trust every week on an ongoing basis.
    Except, I wasn’t lying, was I Grant?
    The Sensible Sentencing Trust sex offender link isn’t a lie; the MED fraud convictions isn’t a lie; and the NZ Herald here and here isn’t a lie; I have evidence, King has…………?????