Who are the LEAF Trust, and why has Grant King been entrusted to collect goods for the Trust for fundraising purposes?

The LEAF Trust Facebook is here:


and the LEAF Trust blog site here:


No particular person is mentioned on the site, there are no contact details, no mailing or street address is listed, but the Leaf Trust is registered as a private Trust with the IRD.

I am informed that Grant King is in the process of calling for goods from the local Helensville community for the purposes of selling to raise funds for the LEAF Trust:

Grant King
Looking for donations of items for the Life Earth Art Fellowship Trust for their care facility just outside Parakai. The Trust has established vege gardens and care for unfortunate individuals who are suffering through no fault of their own. Any donations of items listed on the flyer will be gratefully accepted, we can collect from you or arrange for a drop off to one of the many helpers or to the Center Facility by arrangement. PM me with any help please.

The last time King was involved in a Trust (The West Auckland Arts Council), he stole the Trusts computers, when the Trust discovered King was running a “Kiwi Sex” porn site using Trust computers.

What is (again) revealing about this latest episode, is that the Helensville Community Facebook page is giving King open access to perpetuate yet ANOTHER fraud upon Helensville locals.

It turns out that Grant King has set up a false charity helper “front”, and that the only place that the money raised for sold donated goods will be going is into Grant Kings back pocket. The Leaf Trust have not given Grant King permission to collect on their behalf, and this story is rapidly developing.

Caveat Emptor, Helensville locals – caveat emptor.

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