Is Grant Norman King a paid Police informant?

Over the past 12 months, as he has been caught out and exposed in his various scams, lies, and crimes, Grant King has reportedly made a number of appeals to the local Helensville community in the context of telling anyone who will listen that the Helensville Police (or members of such) will “vouch” for him, despite overwhelming evidence of GNK’s ongoing criminality.

In this context, I have often been struck by how comparatively seldom GNK has been held to overall account for his criminal actions (the grand exception being his incarceration for child sex offences in 2004). The ratio of crimes committed by GNK compared to accountability experienced by GNK for said crimes committed run at about 10:1 at present.

A recent discussion with a number of GNKASS supporters and former victims of GNK’s has informed me that a number of victims of GNK’s were actively discouraged by (some) Police representatives from pursuing King at all over the years – or being told to take the matters through a civil, as opposed to a criminal process. Naturally, a number of GNK’s victims were outraged that some members of the Police took such a position, as the victims were not in a position to pursue GNK through the Courts at the time, and they expected the Police to take the lead regarding criminal prosecution against GNK.

All of which leads me to consider the following possibility: what if Grant Norman King is in fact a paid Police informant, one who provides significant information on (for example) key local crime activity?

Wouldn’t GNK’s value to the Police as an informant exceed his value as an incarcerated prisoner, if this was indeed the case? And if this was so, would it not make sense for (some) members of the Police to perhaps covertly discourage GNK to be pursued by outraged victims?

I ask these questions as I am as yet unable to reconcile the above 10:1 ratio, given the evidence against GNK that I have managed to accumulate over the past 12 months:

1/ a 30 year-plus crime history,

2/ perpetuated against over 60 victims (that we know about -there may be more),

3/ for a total of nearly $3 million dollars,

4/ and only two (relatively brief) terms of jail, and some Community service?

Something just doesn’t add up here: comments and thoughts appreciated.







2 thoughts on “Is Grant Norman King a paid Police informant?

  1. Noel Hawthorne

    Steve, great possibility something that never crossed my mind. Now that you raise the issue it has a pattern of other informants that have been exposed in the past. This might throw some light on why the Helensville Community face book page moderators are guarding King with so much passion. It would be interesting to know if there is anyone out there that has been prosecuted, that new King at the time of prosecution, where police used a informants evidence during their trial.

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Noel, Yes, it is something I have been thinking about for a while. Their has (in some legal forensic and statutory quarters) been a none-too-subtle reluctance to go after King in any meaningful way. I have another story that I am working on that involves a Ministry authority who have been sitting on their hands for almost 10 months, and who seemingly refuse to take action against King, despite (again), the overwhelming evidence against him in the matters raised. I will be releasing the story in the New Year, and then it is up to the media as to whether they want to follow it up?


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