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Letter from Leaf Trust to the Helensville Community Facebook Page Moderator regarding latest Grant Norman King fraud attempt.

My name is Annais Allen.


I am a trustee for the Leaf Trust, a community residential services organisation that runs a residential home in Parakai, in the Helensville area. It has come to our attention that a gentleman by the name of Grant King has posted a brochure on your Helensville Community facebook site.

There are a number of things you need to know:


1. The brochure appears to have been modified. Original contact information for the Leaf Trust has been removed.


2. The modification is a concern to us. We do not endorse it.


3. I note some of your members have asked Mr Grant King where they can deliver donations to. We cannot guarantee receipt of delivery on our end – nor their personal safety.


4. Mr Grant King has never been employed by or worked in any voluntary capacity for Leaf Trust. He has never been asked to represent Leaf Trust.


I have cc’ed you an email I have sent to Mr Steve Taylor outlining our position to him on this matter. We will be taking it further with the relevant authorities.


To all your members and the wider community, on behalf of the Leaf Trust, we apologise for any misrepresentation of our organisation.


We are taking steps to ensure this does not happen again.


I request that you post this email to your website in its entirety, so your members are kept informed.


Thank you,

Naku noa, na


Annais Allen Trustee Leaf Trust 0275115513 [email protected]