Filing objections to Grant Norman King being automatically discharged from bankruptcy in October 2013 (Update 23/4/13).

Yes, New Zealand’s (now) most well-known broken-arse, thrice-bankrupted “builder”, Mr Grant Norman King, is coming up for an automatic discharge from his third bankruptcy in October 2013.

Former creditors and or  / ripped-off victims of King are permitted to raise formal objections to King being discharged from bankruptcy, or may request that the Official Assignee lodge an objection against Kings discharge from bankruptcy.

Here is the link that refers to Kings 2012 prosecution on the Ministry of Economic Development website, for contact purposes.

King has been well and truly stopped in his fraud-tainted tracks for 18 months – let’s not give this evil little man any chance to gain any sort of foothold, and let him create any more victims come October 2013, shall we?

Update 23/4/13:

I have just spoken with the Insolvency Office that administers Bankruptcy Proceedings.

As Grant King has now been formally bankrupted three times, he will NEVER be removed from the Insolvency Register.

This means that King can NEVER AGAIN set up and run another business in his own name without being publically associated with his 3 previous bankruptcies.

Hopefully, Kings now-comprehensive Internet presence will be sufficient warning for anyone who might be considering taking King on in any sort of capacity, be it business, employment, or otherwise.

Update 7/5/13:

The Insolvency Office have now advised that, while it seems that while Grant Norman King will remain indefinitely on the Insolvency Register, he will still be automatically discharged from bankruptcy in October 2013. The Insolvency Officer handling Grant Kings file, Mr Thomas Chambers, has advised me that their “are no valid reasons” for his office to object to Grant Kings discharge from bankruptcy, despite King bening bankrupted 3 times,and King being prosecuted twice by the same Insolvency Office who are about to discharge him from bankruptcy.

I know 67 victims spanning a 30 year period who can give Mr Chambers plenty of valid reasons not to discharge Mr King – more on this story later.


2 thoughts on “Filing objections to Grant Norman King being automatically discharged from bankruptcy in October 2013 (Update 23/4/13).

  1. Michelle

    Awesome!! Have not heard much from you for a while. (Apart from last week)

    But scumbags like him unfortunately will always find a way. It’s in their blood.

    Lets hope he sees the light and start living like a normal person doing an honest job for an average wage. (Like the rest of us) He does not appear to have much skills apart from scamming people. Good luck to him. But yeah might be too late as I am still convinced he is a sociopath.

  2. Steve Taylor Post author

    Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment. Two things are ultimately consistent about Grant King:

    1/ Ultimately, he will attempt to defraud more people (again).
    2/ Ultimately, he will eventually get caught (again).

    Over 50,000 people have now seen this website; Helensville’s population is around 4000 (including Kaipara); He fills nearly 3 pages of a NZ Google search on his name; he is listed on a dozen different other websites related to the various cons, scams, and offences he has committed over 30 years; he has been outed as an alleged paid police informant, and has been reportedly dobbing in his dodgy friends for years in order to protect his own skin; the Ministry of Justice have him on a “watch list” after the scam he tried to pull when he was completing his Community Service hours under their watch (Ministries hate being embarrassed); he was outed as a convicted child sex offender on the Helensville Community Facebook page; and his mainstream media presence is now embedded FOREVER; goodness me, if anyone gets caught out by him now, they will have had to be living on another planet 🙂


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