Tern Anchor = Grant Norman King flogging off a rip-off of the Rocna design, made by the same Chinese manufacturer, with inadequate tensile strength, and with a worthless warranty as well.

The reach of this website is truly amazing.

A reliable and experienced Marine Industry contact has had a very close look at Grant Kings “Tern Anchor” website.

It is reported that:

a// The design of the anchor is based on the Rocna designs and anchors that Grant King stole from Rocna Anchors whilst he was the Production Manager at Rocna.

b/ The Manufacturer of Tern Anchor is the ex-manufacturer of Rocna Anchors, Mr Wei Li of Shanghai Pangtong Business Development Company and is a gentleman who has been angling for NZ residency for years – residency that Grant King has repeatedly promised to assist him with, but has not as yet been able to deliver (The NZ Immigration Department has now been advised of the association between the manufacturer, Mr Wei Li, and Grant King, and have now advised that they have begun a formal investigation).

c/ The Tern Anchor cast and tensile strength is reportedly utterly inadequate for the job it is designed to do – hold a boat firm under pressure. Having someone drag the anchor along the shallows of a local beach (as illustrated here) is not a sufficient “pull test”.

d/ The warranty and a number of pictures displayed on the website are knock-offs from the original Rocna Anchor website – there is no correlation between the Tern Anchor, and the nominated warranty – it is worthless drivel.

Naturally, this now looks like Grant King has been illegitimately holding onto Rocna Anchor intellectual property, anchor designs, point of sale, you name it, for years.

Clearly not content to accept his defeat of getting the arse from Rocna for embezzling funds, stealing product, and attempting to organise an industrial sabotage for a future takeover, whilst representing Rocna Anchors in China (company emails leave a powerful trail), Grant King has seemingly decided to see if he can launch his ill-gotten goods into the NZ Marine industry, under another name.

Not on our watch, Mr King.

Chalk up another victory for the GNKASS Network!