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Media summary on Grant Norman King, since this Consumer Advocacy website was launched:

Sensible Sentencing Trust Offender Profile:

Herald on Sunday articles:

Family missing $23k after building project quashed (January 2012):

Sleepout defaulter charged (June 2012:

Broke builder exposed (August 2012):

Bankrupt nearly back (May 2013):

Bankrupt turned to DPB fraud (September 2013):

Fraud Victims hopeful of being protected from serial fraudster (April 2014):

GNK having some computer trouble?

Has anyone got a portable hard drive case or docking station that will fit a laptop hard drive that i can borrow for a couple of days to retrieve all the files from my crashed laptop before I have the operating system restored and loose everything on it?

GNK has “Facebooked” the above appeal.

Aside from the atrocious grammar and spelling, there is a special sort of “natural consequence” inherent in this situation, given that GNK spends so much of his time behind his keyboard, adopting various anonymous identities, while attempting to spread discord and disharmony across the internet.

Goodness me, even his own laptop has had enough of him, and has “left the building”.

GNK reverts his appearance to a “number 1″ haircut and a small “goatee” beard.

Looks like GNK is desperately trying to alter his appearance from the “Herald On Sunday” article photo in August 2012.

A member of the GNKASS Network has spotted GNK sporting a “number 1″ haircut” and a small goatee beard, so he will now look more like this photo:

Grant King









You don’t get to get away that easily, Grant.

We have eyes everywhere – remember?

GNK now in the “Chicken Coop” business.

Grant King

Chicken house for sale it is 2450 long and 1050 deep and 1250 high shadowply exterior and clourstell roof $500 ono

This is an ad that Grant King has placed on a Helensville Facebook  page.

He has recently dropped the price to $400.00 (desperate times, huh?).

I cracked up when I read one of GNK’s comments on the post: “Still for sale and your chickens are getting cold and wet”.

Seriously, would anyone knowing GNK’s shoddy workmanship and building history go anywhere near something he has built?

GNK has obviously forgotten about “the “Forgotten Felines” cattery debacle. The poor moggies were wetter and colder AFTER they were housed in one of GNK’s faulty creations, not before!

It also seems that GNK is now obsessively stalking me on the Internet (get a job, you……oh, hang on, you’re now officially and publically unemployable as a result of all the media coverage, aren’t you?).

You keep bringing it Grant – I’ll keep re-introducing you to the mud-pile that has become your sorry excuse for a life.

As I have said to you before Grant - I have eyes everywhere. Now all you have to do is to work out which of the 1000-plus members to the above Facebook page dobbed you in to me.

You’re just not very popular out that way, are you?

Notification has been sent to the Ministry of Economic Development for their records – undischarged bankrupts aren’t supposed to be operating any type of business activity, including a cottage industry.

Defendants Information Capsules received today from GNK.

And what bad, sad, and mad reading the documents truly make.

The only witnesses either GNK are calling for the upcoming Hearing will be himself.

I have 21 witnesses named in my Plaintiffs Information Capsule.

And evidence? GNK provides none to any of his claims (but does provide a story that is constantly ever-changing).

Once this issue exits sub-judice, I am going to publish the entire legal document trail from both Plaintiff & Defendant, so that readers can see for themselves just how deluded GNK is about having a snowball’s chance in the hot place of being able to raise a credible defence to my claim -  it is truly laugh-out-loud funny.

I didn’t think that the enjoyment I and other victims got out of seeing GNK in the dock being convicted, followed by the Herald on Sunday article documenting the same could be topped regarding this campaign – but it seems I have some new heights of joy to now reach as yet.

And the best bit? GNK is going to defend himself again -and we know how well that went last time.




Another example of the GNKASS Network reach: are the Mihakas short of cash?

This was just sent to me by a member of the GNKASS Network:

What I found particularly interesting was reading some of the comments in the “Feedback section” of “Quadman 2″, aka Micheal Edmonds & Karina Mihaka.

Many of the comments are indeed quite positive, but the negative ones are pretty full-on – quite why two undischarged bankrupts were / are operating a business without the consent of the Official Assignee I suppose will be for the Ministry of Business, Innovation, & Employment (formerly the Ministry of Economic Development) to follow-up on once they read this post.

“How many people are there in the GNKASS Network?”

I was having a conversation recently with one of GNK’s many victims, and he posed the above question to me, somewhat impressed at how I have been able to track down GNK’s various movements and antics (both historical and current)  over the last 8 months.

The short answer to his question is this: I no longer know how many people are members of the GNKASS Network.

This website receives information about GNK and his associates in various ways.

If we remove the various attempts that GNK has made under a host of false identities to provide false information to the site (GNK is a subscriber to this website, and thus reads every post the moment I upload them), and I pause to consider the feedback I have received over the months from readers, then the only definitive thing I can say about the size and scope of the GNKASS Network is that it has grown beyond my ability to quantify it.

One piece of feedback may help to illustrate this un-trackable growth quite well:

Lets’s take a look at the town of Helensville, with a population of around 2500 people, and a population of around 9000 people in the surrounding areas according to the Census, and the current haunt of GNK and his various “pals”.

A reader from the Kaipara area who has had no direct dealings with GNK advised me that, whenever they receive a post from this website, they hit “forward” on their Outlook Express, and send the post on to members of their own “contacts” list. I have received the same feedback from other readers as well from around the country – one reader commented that following this website had (almost) replaced his interest in watching Coronation St!

Another reader has advised me that they and their friends do the same, so the fact is that I have no idea how many times a post from this website gets “forwarded”, distributed, or shared, or who it gets forwarded, to or shared / distributed  with – what I do know is that the readership statistics to date on this website far and away exceed the populations of Helensville, Kaipara, Parakai and the surrounding areas – we even have readers of this site in Australia, China, and the United Kingdom!

So, when GNK or one of his associates (for example) attends a comedy show; tries to find a job; attends an equestrian event; makes an attempt to build some kennels on the sly, or whatever, the likelihood is that someone, somewhere is going to be observing him doing these things, and that, somehow, from someone, the information will eventually get back to me.

How was it for example that I was able to uncover the actions of Karina Mihaka and Michael Edmonds, even to the point of locating them at a horse show in the South Island a few months back (hey, they’ve been pretty quiet recently, haven’t they?). How am I able to track GNK’s work activity?

The answer is this: the readers and supporters of this website now number an amount that I can no longer quantify, yet are people who in their own way, find GNK and the antics of his various associates despicable, and this website gives these people an opporutnity to contribute to “putting things right” if you will.

It is often said in the advertising world that word-of-mouth continues to remain the most successful method of building a business, and that this concept can also work in the reverse. Fundamentally, the GNKASS Network is a “word-of-mouth” Network, and one greatly assisted by technology, which is one of the reasons that this website has been so successful in exposing GNK, and minimising his ability to create more victims.

The GNKASS Network has made the invisible, visible – and there are a host of victims of GNK that are now extremely grateful for this occurring – and I am sure that they would not mind me passing on their thanks and appreciation to you, on their behalf.

Plaintiffs Information Capsule served on GNK on 30/7/12

A 160 page document for GNK was served on GNK on 30/7/12,  including a 58-clause Affidavit, a 46-piece brief of evidence, and 21 named witnesses for the prospective District Court Hearing.

Get busy Grant – you have just 20 working days to reply to every one of the above points, and naming your witnesses in defence (that is, if you indeed have any, aside from each other).

For those readers who have been asking me for details about the Court case on Monday 30/7/12 – I am honouring an agreement I have with the media to not post any details about what transpired until a later time.